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Many of the consumer products in your garage, pantry, and closet make life much easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many of the consumer products in your garage, pantry, and closet are also dangerously defective. Most companies care almost nothing about whether their products are safe. Instead, they only care if their products are profitable. As a result, they are all too willing to take shortcuts during the design and manufacturing process, especially if they believe they will not get caught.

In contrast, the dedicated Everett, WA, product liability attorneys at Strong Law are dedicated to your well-being. This commitment starts with your physical well-being. Defective products can injure people in several diverse ways. So, our Everett, WA, product liability attorneys connect victims with top-notch doctors who can diagnose and treat their injuries. Our commitment continues as we gather evidence that supports your claims and refutes insurance company defenses. Finally, when the case goes to court, we never stop fighting for you.


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Our Everett Boating Accident Attorneys Have a Reputation for Success

Boating accidents can significantly impact both your life and that of your family. The combination of physical injury and damaged property has a far-reaching financial effect. In some cases, the results can be life-changing.

In Washington, when a boating accident is caused due to another individual or organization’s negligence, damages may be awarded through a personal injury lawsuit. The team at Strong Law in Everett is uniquely qualified to serve you. The combination of our experience and our point of view allows us to maximize settlements on our clients’ behalf.  When you work with us, we will leverage the following for you.  Our:

  • Personal Injury Experience: Our team of personal injury attorneys, led by our founder  Jed Strong, has handled countless boating injury cases.  One thing that sets us apart from others is Jed’s background. Prior to founding Strong Law, he served as the in-house counsel for GEICO. In this position, he represented the insurance company in personal injury lawsuits. As a result of this first-hand experience, he knows the tactics insurance companies take when negotiating with those who have been injured. Knowledge is power, and he uses it to support his clients.
  • Client-Focused Approach:Clients First” is the hallmark of our firm’s approach to service, and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This means that we take the time necessary, in each and every case, to understand all of the facts. While we have handled countless boating injury cases, we are well aware that no two are the same. We make sure that we understand all of the contributing factors, paying close attention to the details. Quite often, the smallest things can be incredibly important.
  • Proven Reputation: While many boating accident lawyers will claim to be able to help you, those at Strong Law have a record of successfully setting cases  for our clients. In fact, we have won 98% of our cases — a success rate of which we are extremely proud. When serving you, we will leverage the knowledge and experience we have used in the past to help to maximize your boating accident personal injury settlement.

Engaging the right firm is the first, and most important, step to take when looking toward your future. You want to work with professionals who will fight tirelessly for the settlement you need. We are ready to go to work for you immediately.

What We Will Do For You

The Value of Engaging Our Everett Boating Accident Lawyer

Boating accident victims are often overwhelmed in the aftermath of their incident. There are simply so many things to do. Dealing with your injuries and property damage alone can seem like a full-time job. Even thinking about all that is required in filing a personal injury lawsuit can be daunting. At Strong Law, we understand the pressures our clients are facing.

Our approach to service entails assuming complete responsibility for the legal process, so our clients can focus their attention on their health, their well-being and their family. 

When we represent you, we will:

  • Investigate all aspects of your boating accident. Accessing police reports, interviewing witnesses and reviewing medical records all play a role in this very important step.
  • Manage the paperwork: The legal process often requires the completion and filing of a lot of paperwork. Our team will assume responsibility for this; we know how to do it correctly and in a timely fashion.
  • Quantify your losses: Identifying all of your damages can be challenging. Our experienced Everett boating accident lawyers will help calculate your losses, both current and future. We make sure that we accurately account for everything and don’t leave anything out.
  • Handle all communications: The number of telephone calls, electronic messages and mail that boating accidents victims receive is staggering. Responding to them is time consuming and requires knowledge and skill. As your boating accident attorneys in Everett, WA, we will assume responsibility for all communication (and negotiations) regarding your accident.
  • Representing You in Court: Should your case need to go to court, we will put our aggressive litigation skills to work for you. It is our responsibility to represent your best interests if a trial becomes necessary.

One of the most important keys to success is the appropriate division of labor. We put our knowledge and experience to work on the legal process while you dedicate your time and energy to your recovery.

Boat Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Validating Your Concerns Timely and Completely

The aftermath of a boating accident leaves victims in pain and confused. Many don’t know what to do.  When faced with the option of filing a personal injury suit, they have lots of questions. Below are some of those we hear most often, along with our responses to them. We hope they will shed some light on the process and address your concerns.

  • How long do I have to file my boat accident lawsuit?

    The state of Washington has a statute of limitations that limits the amount of time victims have to file their personal injury lawsuits, which includes boating accidents, to three years from the date of the incident. The Everett boating accident lawyers at Strong Law will help to ensure your case is filed in a timely fashion.

  • Who could be found liable in a boating accident?

    The individual or entity whose negligence caused your accident can be held liable. These can include the driver or owner of another boat with which you collided, the passengers on your boat whose behavior caused an accident, and even the boat’s manufacturer (if there was some type of manufacturing defect that resulted in your injuries).

  • An insurance company representative reached out to me regarding a settlement; what should I do?

    Immediately refer that individual to your boating accident lawyer in Everett, WA. It is important to realize the insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. Let our experienced professionals manage these communications on your behalf.

  • My family member was killed in a boating accident; what should I do?

    If negligence was the cause of the accident that took the life of your loved one, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. Our team of wrongful death lawyers can help determine if this is something which you should pursue.

  • If I was partially responsible for my boating accident, am I still entitled to damages?

    You may be. As a pure comparative fault state, Washington allows accident victims to recover damages for any portion of an accident for which they were NOT responsible. So, if you were mostly at fault for your accident, say 90%, you could still be eligible for a settlement. In cases like this the total damages would be reduced by your percentage of fault. Your boating accident attorney in Everett can help you to better understand this concept.

  • What are some common causes of boating accidents?

    The causes of boating accidents are widespread. While some are caused by distracted boat driving or boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, others are the result of disruptive passengers or equipment malfunction. Your boating injury attorney can help identify the cause of the accident and prove negligence.

We are well aware that you may have a host of more specific questions and concerns. In order to address those, we would need to better understand the specifics of your case.  Please contact our Everett boating accident lawyers today at 206-741-1053 to schedule a free consultation. At this meeting we can share how we can best serve you.

Strong Law Boating Accident Attorney Everett, WA

What You Should Do If You Have Been Injured in a Boating Accident

Your actions, after you have been in a boating accident, can impact the success of your personal injury case. We encourage our clients to:

  • Get medical help: Your health and well-being, and that of your passengers or others injured, must always be your priority. Under Washington law, if you are operating a boat and are in a crash, helping those who are injured is not an indication of liability.
  • Contact the authorities: Reporting the accident is critical. The documentation from the incident can serve as valuable information regarding negligence and your personal injury lawsuit.
  • Gather information: If you are able, take photographs or videos of the accident scene.  Additionally, collect contact information from others involved and any witnesses.  Your boat accident attorney may need to contact these people throughout the course of your case.
  • Keep accurate records: Document your injuries and keep a log of how you feel. Adrenaline is powerful. Sometimes after a collision, victims will believe they feel okay and refuse medical treatment, then they wake up the next day to realize they really were hurt.
  • Contact a seasoned boat accident lawyer in Everett, WA: The value of engaging an attorney who is experienced in handling boat accident personal injury cases is considerable. Reach out to one as quickly as possible as they will want to investigate your case and gather evidence while it is still available.

Taking advantage of this advice can prove extremely valuable as your boat accident attorneys move forward with your case.

Proving Negligence in Your Boating Accident

The key to maximizing your compensation and getting you the settlement you deserve lies in proving negligence.  You see, in order for an individual or entity to be held responsible for damages in a personal injury boating accident case, they must have behaved negligently.

In order to prove negligence, Everett boating accident attorneys must show the following four things to be true. First, the defendant must have been obligated to provide you (the plaintiff) with a reasonable level of care (also called duty of care). Second, the defendant must have breached this duty. Third, the breach of duty must have resulted in your accident. And finally, the damages you are claiming must have been a direct result of the accident.

At Strong Law in Everett, WA, our skilled boat accident lawyers are adept at proving negligence. We have a reputation for winning cases like this and helping our clients obtain settlements that appropriately compensate them for all they have lost.

Identifying Your Damages

In order to obtain a settlement that will leave you well-prepared for your future, you first must identify all of your damages. This is more complicated than it may seem. While some are easily recognizable, like direct medical expenses and boat repairs, others can be more challenging. In serious injuries, future medical costs may need to be forecast and dollar values assigned to intangibles like pain and suffering.

At Strong Law, we are adept at doing this, and we have access to a host of experts who can help calculate future costs and substantiate your losses. In Washington, victims of boat accidents can file suit for two types of damages:

  • Economic Damages: These are recognized as tangible and include things like property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and diminished earning capacity. Keeping receipts for expenses incurred can help prove the value of your damages.
  • Non-economic Damages: Quite often, boating accidents impact victims’ lives in ways that are not easily quantifiable. These losses are referred to as non-economic damages because they do not reflect actual payables; they are subjective.  Pain and suffering and emotional trauma help to comprise this category.

Identifying the totality of your losses is a challenge with which we can help. 

This step is important in maximizing your settlement and getting you the compensation you need.  At Strong Law, we believe those who behave negligently should be held responsible. Victims should not be responsible for the financial losses related to their accidents.

Attorney Jed Strong

Attorney Jed StrongJed Strong is the founder of Strong Law. He knows that accident injuries can be devastating to individuals and families, so he does everything in his power to ensure his clients recover every bit of compensation they deserve. Prior to representing accident victims, Jed worked for GEICO insurance company as one of its in-house attorneys – representing the insurance companies. After learning the inner workings of insurance companies, he quit and began representing accident victims. [ Attorney Bio ]

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