Attorney Peter Barnett

Attorney Peter BarnettPeter began his career at Ark Law Group where he tirelessly defended people’s homes from foreclosure. He fought against the biggest financial institutions in the country and helped people keep their homes through the toughest times in their lives. After seeing the injustice of the banking industry and insurance companies, Peter joined Strong Law as an Associate Attorney where he tirelessly fights for his clients to be treated fairly by insurance companies.

Peter brings a wealth of litigation experience to Strong Law after having spent years handling litigation for numerous insurance companies. Peter channels his litigation experience and passion for people, by dedicating himself to keeping his clients informed, and fighting for those who have been injured, have no voice, and have been treated unfairly by the insurance industry.

When he is not working, Peter enjoys rock climbing (bouldering), spending time with friends and family, and supporting local sports teams. Go Hawks!


Phone: 206-741-1051 Ex. 103