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One car with front end smashed in and the other flipped over before calling an Uber Accident Lawyer Eugene, ORIf you or a loved one have been involved in an Uber accident, it would be in your best interest to contact an Eugene, OR Uber accident lawyer who cares at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorney.

Uber is a wonderful resource for those desiring hassle-free transportation, but like any vehicle getting into an Uber is always a risk. Any vehicle on the road can malfunction, potentially causing an accident. When a collision occurs between one, two, or more vehicles, the drivers and passengers may be at risk for injuries.

Why is Uber appealing to individuals?

Uber is a helpful source of transportation for those who are traveling, don’t have a car, or don’t want the hassle and responsibility of taking their car somewhere. Uber can be found internationally as well, making traveling out of the country even easier than ever before. Many individuals who live in a city do not have access to a car, and therefore rely on companies like Uber, and public transportation to transport them to their desired destinations. If individuals know they are going to celebrate someone or something, and drinking is likely involved, relying on an Uber is a more responsible, safe decision than taking their own vehicle.

What should victims of Uber accidents do following an accident?

As soon as a collision or accident takes place, those involved should contact emergency services as soon as possible. Ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks will arrive at the scene of the accident quickly to help those in need. Paramedics will see to the injured victims, transporting them to local hospitals if needed. Police officers will take official statements, and redirect traffic, ensuring the accident doesn’t cause more harm for other drivers. Fire fighters will be there to put out any fires that arise, and also rescue any trapped victims in their vehicles using heavy machinery.

Even if victims of an accident appear physically unharmed, they should be strongly advised to seek a medical evaluation from a professional as soon as they can. Adrenaline from the accident can often mask injuries or pain in a victim. A medical professional can also rule out if victims have internal bleeding, head trauma, and a concussion which can be serious, yet no visible injuries.

How can an Uber accident lawyer help their clients?

If a victim of an Uber accident wishes to pursue justice, accountability and compensation for their injuries and trauma, they should contact an Eugene Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer can help clients understand what their rights are, and what legal options may be available to them. Clients should not have to worry about going through the legal process of pursuing compensation alone. Attorneys are there to support their clients throughout every step, empowering them to fight for justice. If you are seeking compensation, or interested in knowing what your legal rights are after an Uber accident, contact a trusted Eugene Uber accident lawyer at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys today.

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