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In the blink of an eye, without a moment’s notice, devastating accidents can occur at construction sites. The catastrophic effects can leave victims jeopardized with damages ranging from trauma to physical disability. Our Tacoma construction accident lawyers at Strong Law understand the extent to which such events can impact you and your family. We are here for you if you seek legal guidance and support to hold the negligent party accountable. In addition to protecting your rights, we will ensure that you get fairly compensated for damages.


Let Us Protect Your Rights

When another party’s recklessness is the cause of your construction accident, it is your right to get compensated for the resulting damages you experience. Our Tacoma construction accident lawyers can help you get adequate compensation while dealing with increasing medical bills, losses from inability to work and recovery from the accident. We assure you that all hope is not lost, and you can get back on your feet by trusting us to overcome the legal challenges while you focus on your health.

After being involved in a construction accident, the future may look bleak. From the expenses you may have incurred from the accident to the future losses from medical bills and getting back to your everyday life, it is a battle that requires an enormous amount of strength and money. However, this battle does not have to be a lonely one. Our devoted construction accident lawyers in Tacoma are available to be beside you all the way, primarily through legal actions.

Our experience with insurance companies, in addition to our expertise in the field, enables us to ensure you are not cheated when getting your compensation. If you have suffered from a construction accident caused by the negligence of others, you deserve justice. To discuss your options, schedule a meeting with us today by calling 206-741-1053.

How Our Tacoma Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help You

The aftermath of a construction accident can be disastrous. We intend to relieve as much of that burden as we can by defending your rights and fighting for the compensation that you are due. Our construction accident lawyers in Tacoma are the team you need on your side as you try to move forward from the accident.

Construction accidents result in medical bills that seem like they never end. Victims may need to undergo therapy to recover from accident trauma, in addition to being unable to work following the accident. Catastrophic injuries that victims can suffer from such accidents include brain injuries, damage to the spinal cord and limb amputation. Such injuries require compensation for victims to adapt and adjust to a new way of living.

With the aid of a brain injury lawyer, victims can secure the compensation that covers the bills as they try to rebuild their lives after sustaining such a severe injury. You do not have to fear financial repercussions, as we will fight for you to get adequately compensated by the negligent party. Our construction accident lawyers in Tacoma are committed to supporting you in seeking fair compensation and ensuring you focus on recovery.

Construction accident victims that have to pay for treatment even when they are unable to work face an immense challenge. Not only do you have to spend money, but you have no means to make it back as you suffer income loss due to your absence from work. You may ask your friends and family for financial help; however, how long can you keep doing this?

Our Tacoma construction lawyers will help you alleviate the financial stress by fighting for compensation from the reckless party responsible for the accident. Neither you nor your family should have to pay for the negligence of others. We will communicate with the insurance company and represent you in court, leveraging the judicial system to ensure you get your fair compensation for the medical bills, trauma, physical damages and lost income resulting from the construction accident.

Experienced Tacoma Construction Accident Lawyers That Will Provide The Legal Guidance You Need

Following the construction accident, insurance companies want to settle victims’ claims as soon as possible. This act is not in your best interest — insurance companies are more concerned about preserving their financial standing than helping you. Hence, such compensation that they offer initially is not likely to cover your bills. When you rush to take such offers, you also stop any rights you have to seek compensation in the future if the damage from the accident winds up costing more.

To avoid making this regrettable mistake, ensure that you speak with any of our construction accident lawyers in Tacoma before communicating with the insurance companies. We take great pains to see that nothing goes uncovered and you get the compensation that covers your damages, both present and future. Explore the options available to you and your case; contact us at 206-741-1053.

Common Questions Asked of Our Tacoma Construction Accident Lawyers

Whether you or your loved one is involved in a construction accident, there are questions you want to ask. At Strong Law, our experienced team is available to help guide you and answer your specific questions. Here are some common questions with answers that our construction accident lawyers in Tacoma provide.

  • Why do I need a construction accident lawyer?

    Although state and federal safety rules seek to keep construction sites safe, they do not fully protect workers from the negligence of other parties. When a worker is hurt in a construction accident, all parties responsible will do as much as possible to reduce their liability. With a situation like this, navigating the legal process by yourself, compounded with dealing with your losses, is extremely difficult. Our Tacoma construction lawyers will provide the necessary guidance you need in going through insurance policies, holding the negligent parties responsible and getting fair compensation.

  • How much does it cost to hire a construction accident lawyer?

    Typically, construction accident lawyers do not charge until you get compensation for damages. You can focus on recovery while we are handling your case to ensure that you get appropriate financial compensation. Our fee will be included in the demand presented to the insurance companies, and you will pay nothing unless and until we win your case.

  • How much compensation can I get for damages?

    Financial compensation for your damages is dependent on the extent of your losses and suffering resulting from the accident. The amount of compensation considers several factors. These factors include the cost of medical bills, the extent to which your injuries affect your daily life and the severity of such injuries, among other things.

  • What types of damages qualify for compensation?

    Some of the most common damages include lost wages, medical expenses, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Each case is different, and your construction accident lawyers will advise you what is appropriate in your situation.

  • Should I settle my construction accident case?

    Although settlement is a possibility you can consider, we recommend that you thoroughly discuss any settlement offers with your Tacoma construction accident lawyers. While you may be able to receive a fair settlement without going to court, your lawyers will ensure that you consider all the financial impacts of the damages and that the settlement covers them.

What You Should Do After a Construction Accident

Being involved in a construction accident can leave you distraught and dazed. The following steps you take are essential in your journey to recovery. Ensure that you follow these steps when you sustain injuries on site:

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Do not avoid medical help even if the injury does not seem serious. You may miss underlying harm that can be disastrous in the future. We recommend that you go to a doctor that you trust. However, if the injury is severe, get immediate treatment onsite.
  • Report the accident as required by your employer.
  • Contact your construction accident lawyers as soon as possible. Avoid talking to the insurance company about the accident; instead, let your Tacoma construction accident lawyers handle that while you recuperate.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

There are numerous causes of construction accidents, ranging from loose fittings to lack of appropriate personnel training. In The United States, fatal injuries in the construction industry amounted to over 1,100 workers in 2019. This number includes, but is not limited to, construction site hazards such as electrocutions and fires. Here are some common causes of accidents:

  • Falls. Falls may be from ladders or elevators at height, with injuries that range from broken bones to loss of life. Victims can fall due to tripping and slipping on surfaces or over equipment on the construction site. With the environment in construction sites, falls can be catastrophic.
  • Equipment malfunction. When construction machinery is not adequately serviced or checked for faults, malfunctions can occur. As the use of heavy machinery is a norm on construction sites, terrible accidents that can result in the disability of victims are possible.
  • Electrocution. Contact with naked wires, especially in the absence of recommended safety gear, is disastrous. Victims can be exposed to high voltage electricity, resulting in death.
  • Getting struck by falling objects. Due to the responsible party’s negligence, victims can be hit by objects or debris falling from dangerous heights. Although safety gear, like helmets, can minimize the severity of the injury, they do not always guarantee that a worker will get out of such an accident unscathed.

In addition to the causes we have stated, construction accidents can occur due to improper training, getting stuck between equipment while in use, collapsed structures and exposure to toxic chemical materials. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that in 2019, construction accidents accounted for one in every five worker deaths.

If you or your loved one has been in an accident due to any of these causes, our Tacoma construction accident lawyers are available to represent you properly. We will ensure that you get adequate compensation if a reckless or negligent person or company has caused the harm your family now faces.

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