During a day of boating, you may take all of the proper precautions to have a safe trip. However, when a boater fails to exercise proper care and hits you, our Tacoma boating accident lawyers can protect your rights. When another boat operator fails to maintain a safe speed or engages in drinking while operating the boat, you can show that negligence occurred. You did not do anything wrong, yet you now have injuries.

You should not have to suffer financially because of growing medical bills or an inability to work. A personal injury settlement after a boating accident can help with this. At Strong Law, our attorneys know how difficult it can be to recover after this type of incident. When you’re in pain and need ongoing medical care after the accident, all while missing work, the stress level for your family likely will increase.

Let our team of boating accident lawyers take over the day-to-day aspects of a lawsuit. We want to leave you with more time to focus on your recovery and your family.

Boating Injuries Can Have Long-Lasting Effects

After a boating accident that someone else caused, don’t just assume that you’ll heal up after a few days and everything will be fine. Just like with a car accident, some injuries in a boating accident can take a few days to show the full effect. You should always see a doctor after this type of accident to have a full diagnosis of your injuries. Additionally, the doctor can provide a health care plan to help you heal and return to your normal life. Our boating accident attorneys in Tacoma will be able to use your diagnosis to help you determine the best way forward in your boat accident lawsuit.

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Our Tacoma Boating Accident Lawyers Don’t Shy Away from Tough Cases

We take pride in helping victims of negligence receive the settlements they deserve. We do not back down from taking on complex cases. With attorneys on our team who previously worked in the insurance industry, we know how many resources an insurer will assign to a case with a potentially large settlement. Without representation on your side in your boating accident case, you will be facing a big disadvantage against a team of insurance adjusters and lawyers. The more resources the other side throws at your case, the harder we will fight to ensure the best potential outcome.

When a Boating Accident Claim Becomes a Wrongful Death Case

According to the Washington State Parks Boating Program, deaths and serious injuries are all possible after a boating accident. Each year, the state investigates several dozen serious boating injury accidents, some of which involve fatalities. Should this have happened in your case, where a loved one suffered a fatality because of the negligence of another boat operator, our wrongful death lawyers are ready to represent you. Understandably, some people are hesitant to file a wrongful death lawsuit. They may not want to relive the accident and the sorrow. We understand this, and our team will treat your case and your loved one’s memory with the compassion and respect you deserve.

Your loved one would not want your family to suffer financially without his or her earning power. You should not have to pay the medical bills from when doctors tried to save your loved one’s life. You should not have to pay the burial costs either. The other boat operator caused the crash and should pay. We will help you receive the reimbursement your family deserves, as well as an emotional trauma settlement.

Common Questions in a Boat Accident Lawsuit

Our Tacoma boating accident lawyers provide representation after any kind of boating accident with injuries. We understand that these cases can produce some confusion for the victims. Circumstances are not always clear after an accident on the water. Here are some of the most common questions our boating accident attorneys receive from clients.

  • How do we prove negligence in a boating crash?

    Certainly, boating accidents create some unusual circumstances for investigators. Trying to determine the exact facts in the case can be challenging. We will interview any witnesses to the crash, seeking to determine what mistakes the other boat operator made. We will hire accident recreation experts if necessary to show negligence. If the other boat operator was drinking alcohol or taking drugs, this is a key piece in building a case of negligence.

  • What if another boater’s wake caused my accident?

    If the other boat operator was creating large wakes in a no-wake zone or was going too fast for conditions, this could be a sign of negligence. Our boating accident attorneys would investigate the facts to determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury case after this type of accident.

  • How much can I win in a boating injury lawsuit when the other boater was drinking?

    No attorney can guarantee that you’ll win a certain settlement amount after a boating accident with injuries. However, if the other boat operator was violating Washington’s Boating Under the Influence laws, this gives our boating accident lawyers an important piece of evidence to show negligence and to win the case.

  • Shouldn’t I just settle quickly after my boating accident?

    Once you agree to a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit of any kind, the case ends. Should you and your doctor discover lingering or new injuries after settling, you cannot go back and request more money. Our team of boating accident lawyers will take the time to ensure you have a full diagnosis of your injuries. Although we understand your desire to settle quickly, we do not recommend settling until we’re certain of your medical diagnosis.

  • Do I really need an attorney for a boating accident?

    Because of the complexity involved in investigating a boating accident, it can be difficult to prove negligence. Convincing an insurer about your injuries can be challenging, too. Insurers tend not to listen to victims without the help of legal representation. Our team, led by founder Jed Strong, knows the inner workings of insurance companies and their attorneys. We know how to counteract their techniques to deliver the awards our clients deserve.

Trust Your Case to Our Boating Accident Lawyers

After an accident on the water, multiple types of injuries are possible. Having a full diagnosis of the effect of the crash on your body is important to help you develop a recovery plan and try to heal as fully as possible.

For example, it may not seem likely that a victim in a boating accident would suffer a brain injury. Concussions and TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) are common in car crashes, but boats don’t travel at the same speed as motor vehicles. However, when a boat traveling fast hits your boat, causing you fly out of the boat and hit your head on the water, this still can lead to concussion and TBI.

Our brain injury lawyers know how to apply the facts from the boating accident to show how your head injury occurred. We will interview your doctors after your diagnosis to help you determine the severity of your brain injury. Having this information in hand is important for seeking the best possible settlement offer.

Your Life Could Change Forever After a Boating Accident

With or without a brain injury, your life may never be the same after another boater hits your boat. Someone flying through the air and hitting a portion of a boat after being struck by a drunk or speeding boater could suffer a spinal cord injury. With this type of injury, you might never walk again. Your quality of life could see a significant reduction, leaving you unable to enjoy your favorite activities or to work. Your relationship with your family may never be the same.

Our catastrophic injury lawyer has settled cases with life-altering injuries like this for six- and seven-figure settlement amounts. We know how to show the full extent of your injuries. Our team prepares for every case as hard as we can. We go into negotiations with the insurer fully prepared and ready to win the settlement you deserve.

We are not afraid to take catastrophic injury cases to trial if the insurer refuses to negotiate in good faith. We will always have your best interests at heart.

Our Boating Accident Attorneys in Tacoma Will Work Tirelessly for You

We Protect Your Rights After an Accident

When you hire Strong Law to represent you after an injury accident that was not your fault, count on us to deliver peace of mind. We know how stressful your life can be after an accident like this. Dealing with the other boater’s insurance company can be extremely challenging. Insurers may want to act like they’re helping you receive a fair settlement, but this simply isn’t the case. The insurer works for the insurance company. The insurer’s job is to limit the payment in the settlement, keeping the insurance company’s profits high.

With our team of boating accident attorneys in Tacoma on your side, you will have an advocate. We will fight as hard as we can to help you receive the settlement you deserve. We will represent you in a professional manner, but we will not back down when insurance companies introduce half-truths into the conversation. We demand that the insurer treat our clients with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Attorney Jed Strong

Attorney Jed StrongJed Strong is the founder of Strong Law. He knows that accident injuries can be devastating to individuals and families, so he does everything in his power to ensure his clients recover every bit of compensation they deserve. Prior to representing accident victims, Jed worked for GEICO insurance company as one of its in-house attorneys – representing the insurance companies. After learning the inner workings of insurance companies, he quit and began representing accident victims. [ Attorney Bio ]

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    If you have worries about being able to afford a lawyer for a boat accident lawsuit, Strong Law understands those concerns. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not pay us anything until we win an award on your behalf from the insurance company. Our fee will be a percentage of the final judgment. If we do not win a settlement, you don’t owe us anything.

    Our past clients know how hard we work, and we will do the same for you in your case.

    We take pride in being able to help injured people receive the settlements they deserve. You did not do anything wrong. The boat operator behaved in a negligent manner, and you should not have to suffer financially because of that person’s mistake. Don’t let an insurance company try to pin some of the blame on you or guilt you into accepting a smaller settlement than you should have.

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