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Accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury. Car collisions are almost always devastating, and motorcycle crashes and falls also hold their fair share of catastrophic ends. Motorcyclists are even more likely to die in road collisions than people in cars. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,579 motorcyclists died in 2020 alone.

In any case, personal injury victims need assistance right after the accident. They need a helping hand to get out of the wreckage and seek medical attention. At the medical facilities, medical professionals can help in treatment while family and friends assist survivors in washing away the pain. But what about the hospital bill piling up every day? Should they still foot the bills even when they were not at fault? Well, that’s where a Renton, WA, personal injury lawyer can help.

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Why Choose Us?

After suffering an injury or losing a loved one, you want lawyers who care about you as a person and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. You will find such professionals among the Renton, WA, personal injury lawyers at Strong Law.

Strong Law is a team of skilled personal injury lawyers in Renton, WA. We have a 98% success rate of getting recovery for our clients. In car accident cases alone, we have recovered millions of dollars. Car accidents are just one of many types of personal injury cases we have taken over the years.

It doesn’t matter how you or a loved one was injured — if another party is even partially at fault, we will work tirelessly to win you the money you need and deserve, and we will do it with the care and compassion central to our law firm’s reputation.

What are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

People ride motorcycles for different reasons, including simply for transportation.  It can also be pretty exhilarating to hit the open roads with sporty motorbikes, but with them comes unpredictable outcomes. Even though any type of accident is always unanticipated, there are some common causes:

Alcohol Use

Statistics reveal that over 11,600 people died in 2020 from alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths. It was a notable 14% increase from the previous year. Despite alcohol being a dangerous substance, it’s widely abused by motorcyclists and drivers. Generally, alcohol reduces the brain’s function and impairs one’s thinking. It also affects muscle coordination, an important aspect of riding or driving. In most U.S. states, driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.8g per deciliter of blood or higher is illegal.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting refers to the changing of lanes in slow-moving or stationary traffic. Although the act is illegal in some states, you’ll often see motorcyclists lane-split on the highways. It’s easier for them to ride through and avoid getting caught up in traffic, but it can, unfortunately, result in personal injury accidents.

Dangerous Roads

There are different reasons why a road can be considered dangerous for motorists. The most common include roads that have:

  • Frequent animal crossings
  • Leaves and debris
  • Wet roads and stagnating water
  • Open bridge joints
  • Edge breaks
  • Potholes
  • Expansion joints.

High-Performance Bikes

High-performance motorcycles refer to sports bikes. Most of them are highly optimized for acceleration, speed, braking, and the ability to maneuver sharp corners. However, due to their high capability and speed, riders often lose control and end up in high-speed collisions.

Distracted Driving and Stationary Objects

Distracted driving can result from many circumstances, including talking to a passenger, a phone call, texting, or eating. It’s a renowned cause of accidents in the U.S., and some of these circumstances are illegal in some U.S. states. It can cause a motorist to lose focus on the road and hit stationary objects like construction cones, guard rails, or road signs.

Avoiding Personal Injury Cases involving Motorcycles and Cars in Renton, WA

When you suffer a Personal Injury, you may realize later that it could have been avoided. That doesn’t help you deal with the circumstances you currently face, but it could help you prevent a future accident.

Head injury is the most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents. The NHTSA notes that motorcyclists are 37 times more likely to succumb to an accident than drivers. While some accidents might be unavoidable, riders can protect themselves by always ensuring they have helmets on the road. They can reduce crash fatality by up to 37%. Further:

  • Never drink and drive or ride.
  • Ensure you have been through proper motorcycle and driver training and have the relevant licenses.
  • Be visible. Motorists should ensure they are visible by putting on reflective elements and using headlights when necessary.
  • Follow all the traffic laws. Ensure you can read and interpret signs correctly, and always note them.
  • Avoid distractions. There are multiple kinds of distractions; it is important to know them and avoid them all, from phone calls and texting, to eating and looking away from the road.
  • Maintain your car or motorcycle in good condition.
  • Avoid speeding.
  • Practice safe driving in bad weather.

Win Your Compensation with the Help of a Renton Personal Injury Lawyer

We Never Let Your Injuries End in Financial Ruin

At Strong Law, we are familiar with your financial squeeze after suffering an injury. Insurance companies are uncooperative while your bank account dwindles. The bills pile up with no relief in sight.

Your Renton, WA, personal injury lawyers can relieve the pressure by taking the fight directly to the insurance companies. We have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies. Our team will hold back the bill collectors while negotiating for a fair settlement that covers your expenses and rewards your pain and suffering.

When the insurance companies try to play mean, we are not afraid to fight. If another party is responsible for your injuries, we are ready to go to court to fight for the recovery you deserve.

FAQs to Ask Personal Injury Lawyers in Renton, WA

When your financial future and health are on the line, you want to have all of your questions answered before making life-altering decisions. The following are some of the most common questions we get asked by potential clients.

  • How much time do I have before I can file my personal injury claim?

    The time limit depends on your state’s statute of limitation, which can run from one to four years. An experienced attorney can help you with that.

  • Can I sue for the wrongful death of a loved one?

    Depending on your relationship with the deceased, you may have the right to sue for wrongful death. Your Renton personal injury attorney will explain your rights and potential recovery for wrongful death.

    Furthermore, you may be able to sue for a loved one, even if they aren’t deceased. If the injured party is a dependent or cannot petition on their own due to injury, you can sue on their behalf.

  • What is the statute of limitations for Washington’s personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits?

    The statute of limitations for both personal injury and wrongful death cases in Washington state is three years.

  • How much am I entitled to in compensation?

    The proper amount of compensation depends on several factors. Your case needs to be thoroughly investigated, checking the extent of the injury and determining who was at fault. If you have more severe injuries, you may qualify for high compensation. The hospital bills and other expenses also factor in the amount. Additionally, personal injury victims may receive compensation for non-monetary damages. For instance, you may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering or mental anguish. Only a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine what you rightfully deserve.

  • What if I can’t afford to hire a lawyer?

    You can always afford a Strong Law personal injury attorney because we charge you nothing unless you receive compensation. Your initial evaluation is completely free. If we determine you have a good case, we don’t charge you until the case is complete and you’ve recovered money. We only take an agreed-upon percentage of your recovery.

We know you have many more questions. Our attorneys will answer all of your questions during your free evaluation.

Injured Through No Fault of Your Own in Renton, WA?

Accidents happen to everyone. One moment you are riding your bike down the street, and the next, you are lying in pain on the sidewalk.

There are hundreds of reasons you might not be at fault for an injury you received, including the involvement of:

  • A car accident where the other driver is at fault
  • Medical malpractice
  • Negligent behavior by someone who injured you
  • Failure of others to safely maintain a structure or pathway
  • Your workplace is not providing appropriate safety equipment or training.

If you have any reason to believe that you have been injured due to the action or inaction of another, you should hire the services of Renton personal injury attorneys immediately. Promptly retaining a lawyer increases the likelihood that you get a fair recovery for your pain and suffering.

Mediation and Negotiation in Renton, WA

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out on policies. But when they have no choice, they try to pay as little as possible. The first tactic they use to deprive you of the money you deserve is offering minimal compensation.

Your Strong Law Renton, WA, personal injury attorney knows the value of your suffering and will negotiate for an appropriate award. If your case ends up in mediation, your attorney will be present throughout the proceedings. In most cases, we can get fair compensation without involving the courts.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Renton, WA with an Excellent Record of Success

If the insurance company begins to be intractable, we are always ready and willing to go to court. We know trials can be difficult to undertake after suffering injuries due to someone else’s actions or negligence, so we do what we can to make trials as speedy and painless as possible. If you want fast, fair results in Renton, WA, call 206-741-1051 to speak to the personal injury attorneys at Strong Law.

Attorney Jed Strong

Attorney Jed StrongJed Strong is the founder of Strong Law. He knows that accident injuries can be devastating to individuals and families, so he does everything in his power to ensure his clients recover every bit of compensation they deserve. Prior to representing accident victims, Jed worked for GEICO insurance company as one of its in-house attorneys – representing the insurance companies. After learning the inner workings of insurance companies, he quit and began representing accident victims. [ Attorney Bio ]

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    “While working a wrongful death case of my husband’s, throughout the legal process, Jed pursued every possible resource and angle to ensure that we would receive policy limits despite intense resistance from the representatives of the insurance companies. We are deeply grateful to him for the funds we received and the lasting friendship that grew out of the entire ordeal.

    – Cheryl.

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