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Many of the consumer products in your garage, pantry, and closet make life much easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many of the consumer products in your garage, pantry, and closet are also dangerously defective. Most companies care almost nothing about whether their products are safe. Instead, they only care if their products are profitable. As a result, they are all too willing to take shortcuts during the design and manufacturing process, especially if they believe they will not get caught.

In contrast, the dedicated Everett, WA, product liability attorneys at Strong Law are dedicated to your well-being. This commitment starts with your physical well-being. Defective products can injure people in several diverse ways. So, our Everett, WA, product liability attorneys connect victims with top-notch doctors who can diagnose and treat their injuries. Our commitment continues as we gather evidence that supports your claims and refutes insurance company defenses. Finally, when the case goes to court, we never stop fighting for you.


Why Choose Strong Law?

A proven track record of success may be the top reason to choose Strong Law. Over the years, we have won over 98 percent of the personal injury cases we handle. That high winning percentage is a testament to our commitment to our clients. We are not satisfied with anything less than the best possible results under the circumstances.

Insider knowledge matters as well. Our founding attorney is a former insurance defense lawyer. During his time at one of the country’s largest insurance companies, he learned how these lawyer approach cases and how they look for legal loopholes to reduce or deny compensation to victims. This insight gives our professional team a leg up as they fight for the compensation you deserve.

This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages are generally available in these cases as well. These additional damages punish companies that put profits before people and deter future wrongdoing. So, our Everett, WA, product liability attorneys do not only fight for you. They fight to make your world safer.

To learn more about us, we invite you to browse through our testimonials, so you can see for yourself the life-changing results we’ve obtained in the past. We are confident that our proven methods will produce the same results in your case.

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Our Approach

Some dangerous products, like exploding e-cigarettes, cause sudden and unexpected injuries. Others, like Philips CPAP and other breathing machines, cause cancer and other long-term illnesses. In both situations, our immediate priority is connecting victims with the medical help they need.

Frequently, these illnesses and injuries are difficult to diagnose and treat. So, our Everett, WA, product liability attorneys connect victims with doctors who focus on such matters. As a bonus, these top-notch physicians usually charge nothing upfront for their professional services. As an additional bonus, attorneys often negotiate with medical and other providers and obtain lower fees. This lower fee could mean victims get to keep more of their settlement money, thanks to Washington’s complex collateral source rule.

In addition to daily hard work, open communication is especially important to us at Strong Law. We regularly and proactively communicate with you throughout the process, so you are never in the dark.

Building a Case

Based on the evidence in the case, victims usually have one of three legal options. Knowing these options in advance makes it easier to make good decisions concerning your family’s future.

  • Product Defect: Some consumer products have design defects. For example, a new drug might have a dangerous side effect. Other products have manufacturing defects, usually because the company takes shortcuts during the production process. In either case, the company is usually strictly liable for damages. There is no need to prove fault or negligence.
  • Failure to Warn: Companies have a legal duty to warn customers about dangerous medication side effects or other hazards. Usually, companies cannot bury this warning on an extensive list of medication instructions. To obtain compensation, an Everett, WA, product liability attorney must establish negligence, or a lack of care, in these cases.
  • Breach of Warranty: Companies are also strictly liable for damages if their products do not meet the standards in the Uniform Commercial Code. Among other things, the implied warranty of merchantability requires products to be of fair, average quality and fit for the ordinary purpose of their original, intended use.

In all these situations, expert witness testimony is usually a critical part of the victim’s/plaintiff’s case. Different courts have different standards as to what individuals qualify as “experts.” Regardless of the legal standard, the witness must have top-notch credentials and be able to explain complex things to jurors without talking down to them.

Your Claim for Damages

Once again, knowing what to expect in a defective product claim helps victims make better choices about their cases.

Occasionally, courts handle effective product claims for individuals. That is especially true in negligence claims, or if a small number of products were somehow contaminated during the manufacturing or shipping process.

Many other defective product claims are class action claims. One or two victims/plaintiffs may represent two or three hundred thousand victims. Class action claims often efficiently speed up compensation to victims because the process is somewhat streamlined. However, many defective product claims do not qualify as class action claims, mostly because the individual claims are not substantially the same. Different people use different drugs and other products in separate ways.

Most defective product claims are consolidated in a single federal court for pretrial purposes. This consolidation is called Multi-District Litigation. A single judge rules on procedural motions, resolves discovery disputes, and oversees settlement negotiations. MDL allows numerous victims/plaintiffs to pool their resources. So, the two sides are more evenly matched.

Product liability lawyers must have substantial experience and resources since the pretrial court is often on the other side of the country. Additionally, attorneys must be able to work well with other lawyers. There is no room for lone rangers in MDL cases.

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FAQs to Ask a Product Liability Lawyer

Because these cases are so complex, victims usually have lots of questions. We have gathered a few of them here:

  • What are some examples of defective products?

    We mentioned exploding e-cigarettes and defective Philips CPAP breathing machines above. Other recent examples include 3M combat earplugs (the design did not completely block loud noises), Roundup weed killer (the main ingredient is a known carcinogen), and asbestos-laced talcum powder (talc and asbestos are often mined together, and they often go to the wrong place).

  • What is considered a defective product?

    Many products suffer from manufacturing or design defects. Shortcuts during manufacturing, shipping, storage, or distribution could cause serious injuries. Design defects often occur because engineers and other designers are in such a hurry to start selling a new product that they overlook some product dangers.

  • What is a defective product claim?

    If a defective product causes injury, the manufacturer is strictly liable for damages, even if it responsibly made the product. Other defective product claims include failure to warn and breach of warranty. These claims are basically negligence claims.

  • Who is responsible for a defective product?

    Usually, the company that made it is responsible for a defective product. Occasionally, a retailer or prescribing physician is responsible. In rare cases, victims are responsible for their own defective product injuries.

  • Why do Everett, WA defective product attorneys want to settle cases?

    Over 90 percent of civil claims settle out of court. These resolutions end cases earlier, so victims receive their compensation sooner. Furthermore, long, drawn-out trials are emotionally and physically draining for victims who usually are not emotionally or physically well. Finally, out-of-court settlements give the parties more control over the outcome. Following a trial, a judge or jury basically dictates the result.

  • Why do product liability cases take long to resolve?

    Defective product claims are legally complex since, as outlined above, they have lots of moving parts. Victims are usually in a hurry to settle their claims, but no one else involved feels the same sense of urgency. Additionally, manufacturers often bury smoking guns, like incriminating internal studies or correspondence, if they can. So, if a case settles too quickly, the best evidence, and therefore maximum compensation, may be unavailable.

    Most companies will take advantage of consumers if they can, just to make an extra few dollars. A defective product claim not only compensates victims. It also stops a large company from bullying your family.

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