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Car accidents frequently occur in Arkansas and can lead to significant property damage, devastating injuries, and even loss of life. Survivors of severe accidents often find themselves burdened with escalating medical and rehabilitation expenses, while being unable to work. In addition, the financial losses incurred can easily surpass the coverage limits of a car insurance policy. Life may never be the same again, which is why seeking the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Little Rock is crucial.

If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered a loss in a car crash, you may have the right to seek compensation through insurance or a car accident lawsuit. However, navigating Arkansas's complex personal injury laws can be challenging, and insurance companies often try to deny or undervalue claims. Representing yourself in a car accident case could prove to be a costly mistake. That's why it's crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney who can help ensure you receive the full and rightful compensation you deserve.

At Strong Law Firm, our expert car accident attorneys in Little Rock are here to handle all negotiations and legal complexities involved in securing fair compensation. We understand the burden you're facing, so let us relieve that pressure and allow you to focus on your recovery and loved ones.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to determine the best way to move forward, and there are no fees unless we win your case. Call us today at 206-741-1053 to get started.


Our Little Rock Car Accident Attorneys Work for You

Why Choose Strong Law Firm?

Our team at Strong Law knows the challenges of facing financial worries while recovering from injuries after an accident and will be your best ally as you go through your car accident case. While no amount of money can make up for the trauma, pain, and suffering you are going through, a monetary award can help take the burdens off you and help you rebuild your life. We know the complexities of Arkansas law, and how to deal with the insurance companies and their attorneys, the courts, and the system.

In the city of Little Rock, there is an abundance of attorneys. It is crucial for you to find a legal representative with whom you not only feel at ease, but who also possesses the necessary qualifications to attain the desired outcome for your case.. Here are some reasons why we think Strong Law is your best choice:

  • With the expertise you require, our firm was established in 2016 by Attorney Jed Strong. Having previously worked for insurance companies, he gained valuable insights into their operations. Leveraging this insider knowledge, he passionately advocates for his clients, ensuring they receive the representation they deserve.
  • Our dedication to our clients is evident in the heartfelt testimonials they provide, recounting how we have supported them during challenging times following a car accident in Little Rock.
  • We achieve remarkable victories. At Strong Law, our team of car accident attorneys in Little Rock has an impressive success rate of 98%, consistently winning the majority of our cases. For instance, we secured a substantial settlement of 1.1 million dollars for a rear-end accident that occurred at a stoplight. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients.
  • We handle all interactions with insurance companies, equipped with in-depth knowledge of their tactics and adept negotiation skills to advocate on your behalf. Our primary aim is to secure a fair settlement without litigation, but we are fully prepared to litigate if the need arises.
  • We provide complimentary consultations to delve into the details of your case and demonstrate how our assistance can be of value to you.
  • Our payment structure operates on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t incur any fees unless and until we secure a victory for you, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Strong Law Firm, we specialize in safeguarding our clients’ financial interests. Our team of car accident lawyers in Little Rock consists of seasoned litigators who are unafraid to advocate for you in court. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to deliver the results you deserve when you’ve been injured in a car crash in Little Rock.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Building a Case

With our Strong Law legal team by your side, we jump into action immediately. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Initiate a meeting to delve into the details of the accident: how it occurred, potential at-fault parties, and the optimal settlement to pursue.
  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation, meticulously gathering evidence like scene photos, videos, and reports from the police, ambulance, and medical professionals.
  • Interview witnesses and first responders to gather valuable insights.
  • Seek consultation from accident reconstruction experts and specialists who can testify regarding your expenses, damages, and the anticipated impact on your life.
  • Thoroughly evaluate all your damages, encompassing present and future medical bills, various forms of lost income, property damage, and intangible losses like pain and suffering.
  • Engage in negotiations with the insurance company and their legal representatives, tirelessly advocating for maximum compensation.
  • Construct a compelling case and, if negotiations falter, proceed to court to secure the full and equitable compensation you deserve.

Rest assured, we will stand by your side throughout the entire journey, working tirelessly to safeguard your interests. At Strong Law, our legal team possesses extensive expertise in assisting accident victims in Little Rock, successfully securing substantial settlements and triumphs in court. During this challenging period in your life, we are here to provide you with the support you need. We will guide you through the entire case process, ensuring that you understand each step and addressing any inquiries you may have.

Fighting for Your Future

At Strong Law, we are your dedicated advocates who genuinely care about your recovery and future. Our team of car accident lawyers in Little Rock has witnessed the devastating impact on the lives of other accident victims. Our mission is to swiftly restore your life on track. Let us handle all the legal obstacles and requirements, allowing you to focus on your healing journey.

Take control of your future. Don’t leave it to chance. Secure the best possible outcome and receive the full compensation you rightfully deserve for your car accident case in Little Rock.

If you or a loved one has been injured in one of the numerous car accidents on Little Rock roadways, it is crucial to seek immediate assistance from our team of dedicated car accident lawyers in Little Rock. After an accident, the first priorities are obtaining medical attention and reporting the incident to your insurance company. However, your next crucial step should be reaching out to our experienced car accident attorneys without delay. Please refrain from providing any information to your insurer until you have received our expert guidance.

At Strong Law, our team of experienced car accident lawyers is dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve. We understand the importance of covering not only immediate medical expenses following an accident but also future medical care costs related to your injuries. Trust us to fight for your rights and provide you with the support you need during this challenging time.

We are ready to fight for what you deserve to get compensation for your lost wages and for damages to your property. Call Strong Law today at 206-737-7168.

Compensation Our Little Rock Car Accident Attorneys May Recover

After a severe accident, expenses can quickly accumulate. That’s why our attorneys take great care in meticulously documenting all the details of your injuries and the necessary medical care. Our dedicated efforts ensure that we secure the compensation you deserve to cover the additional expenses you’ll encounter. Our primary goal is to alleviate your stress, allowing you to focus on your healing journey without the burden of financial worries.

In a successful case in Arkansas State, our Strong Law personal injury attorneys can win a settlement that covers both your economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

If you sustain significant injuries in a car accident in Little Rock, you may be eligible for compensation to cover various financial losses, including:

  • Lost Wages: Whether your absence from work lasts for a few weeks, several months, or even permanently, you have the right to receive compensation for your wage losses. If you are unable to return to work, your car accident lawyers in Little Rock can estimate the potential amount you may lose in wages and benefits.
  • Medical Expenses: Aside from the immediate medical bills following the accident, you can also seek compensation for specialized tests, transportation to and from medical visits, and prescription medications. Severe car accidents resulting in brain or spinal injuries may incur substantial medical costs.
  • Home Modifications: If modifications are necessary for your home so that you can recover comfortably, you may be able to hold the negligent parties financially accountable for the expenses involved.
  • Property Damage: This includes the repair or replacement of your car.
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses: In the unfortunate event of a fatal accident, compensation can be sought for funeral and burial expenses.
  • Other Potential Compensation: Each case is unique, and it is crucial for you to have a skilled healthcare team address your physical condition following the accident. If you are unable to return to work, you may be entitled to receive compensation for vocational rehabilitation and other expenses incurred due to your injuries. In extreme cases, punitive damages may be pursued.

Securing legal advice and representation from seasoned professionals is crucial in navigating the intricate complexities of your unique case. The value of each car accident claim in Little Rock is distinct, with various factors such as dependents, long-term health prospects, and the ability to resume work influencing the amount of compensation sought for economic damages. At Strong Law Firm, our proficient car accident lawyers possess the expertise to meticulously evaluate each category, constructing a persuasive argument that substantiates why your injuries warrant the compensation we are pursuing on your behalf. Rest assured, we are dedicated to maximizing your overall reparation.

Non-Economic Damages

In addition to compensation for economic damages, you may also be eligible for payment for non-economic damages resulting from your accident. These damages, while not easily quantifiable in monetary terms, can significantly impact your life. They may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Disability or disfigurement
  • Mental or emotional distress.

We recognize the profound impact that these damages can have, and we are dedicated to assisting you in pursuing the rightful compensation you deserve. No individual should face financial hardship due to another person’s negligence. We strongly urge you to promptly reach out to our team of experienced car accident attorneys in Little Rock for guidance. Instead of attempting to negotiate with an insurance company independently, entrust someone who is committed to securing the maximum possible compensation for your injuries to advocate on your behalf.

Our team will explain how this applies to your case. Call our Little Rock car accident attorneys at Strong Law today at 206-737-7168.

Our Car Accident Lawyers in Little Rock Must Prove Negligence

To secure victory in your car accident lawsuit, our adept car accident attorneys need to establish the defendant’s negligence and fault, thus holding them accountable for the incident. The following essential elements must be proven to establish liability:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care, with an obligation not to cause harm.
  • The defendant breached this duty.
  • The breach directly resulted in your injuries.
  • As a consequence, you suffered damages.

Rest assured, our team will skillfully navigate these factors to strengthen your case and pursue the justice you deserve.

In addition to another driver who may have been driving under the influence or distracted, there could be other parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. For instance, if the car or its parts were defective and failed, the manufacturer could be held responsible. Similarly, if the car was improperly repaired by a mechanic or if a road maintenance company left debris on the road, they could also be liable. Our team of car accident attorneys in Little Rock would ensure all these parties are named as defendants, as they may possess assets and insurance that can be utilized for a settlement.

What to Expect from Your Little Rock Car Injury Case

When you visit Strong Law Firm to discuss your car accident claim, one of our dedicated car accident attorneys in Little Rock will personally meet with you to provide a comprehensive assessment of your options. During this consultation, we will explain how our services can assist you, provide an estimated timeline for your case, and discuss the potential compensation you may be entitled to if you choose to proceed with a claim.

Investigating the Accident

Once you engage our services, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation into your car accident. This step is crucial in establishing the other party’s negligence. Our aim is to construct a compelling argument showcasing the fault of the other party, and to achieve this, we may need to gather the following evidence:

  • Police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Traffic and security camera footage
  • Witness testimonies
  • Testimonies from accident reconstruction specialists.

Rest assured, we will meticulously gather and analyze all relevant information to build a strong case on your behalf.

Determining fault in an accident is a distinct process for each case. While some are straightforward, others require significant effort. Nonetheless, it is crucial to establish the liability of the other party to proceed with your claim. At Strong Law Firm, our skilled car accident attorneys have an impressive history of effectively constructing winning cases for our clients. We prioritize word choice, structure, readability, and eloquence to enhance the quality of our writing while preserving the original meaning.

Identifying Compensation

Once our attorneys have completed their work and established the other party’s financial liability for your injuries, our next objective is to maximize your compensation. Our dedicated team will carefully evaluate all potential claims, considering both economic and non-economic damages. To ensure a justified amount, we will support your compensation goal with compelling evidence. Our car accident lawyers will diligently gather proof, including medical bills, pay stubs, and other documentation of costs and losses, in order to optimize the compensation you rightfully deserve.


After diligently establishing liability and maximizing compensation, our ultimate objective is to persuade the insurance company to agree to a just settlement. This task, however, is far from simple, as insurance companies deliberately employ tactics aimed at minimizing their payouts. At Strong Law Firm, we counter these unfair insurance practices by harnessing the extensive industry knowledge of our founder, attorney Jed Strong. Our unwavering determination ensures that our clients receive the fair compensation they deserve.


Insurance companies generally prefer to avoid going to court due to the lengthy and costly nature of lawsuits. Often, it is more cost-effective for them to reach a settlement. However, when an insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, filing a lawsuit can sometimes compel them to agree to a payout. In certain instances, pursuing a case in court is the only way to ensure fair compensation for a client. In such situations, you can trust the Little Rock car accident lawyers at Strong Law Firm, as they have a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes in court.

Little Rock Car Accident Attorneys Answer FAQs

If you’ve experienced a traumatic car accident, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. While we encourage you to schedule a free consultation for comprehensive coverage, here are some initial answers to common questions our car accident lawyers often receive:

  • Should I accept an offer from the insurance company?

    Before accepting any offer from an insurance company, it’s crucial to have our attorneys review it first. Insurance companies are primarily driven by profit and may try to persuade you to accept a lowball offer hastily, relieving themselves of future liabilities. By doing so, you may unintentionally waive your right to seek additional compensation if your losses surpass the offered amount. Rest assured, we are well-versed in their strategies and skilled in negotiating on your behalf. Inform the insurance company to communicate directly with your attorney, and let Strong Law handle all interactions with them.

  • How much compensation will I get?

    The amount a victim of a car accident in Little Rock can expect as a settlement is not predetermined and can vary greatly, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. This variation depends on various factors, including the severity of your injuries, the impact on your work, the actual costs incurred, and the long-term prognosis for your health. Generally, the more severe the injury, the higher the potential settlement. Additionally, the expertise and negotiation skills of your car accident attorney in Little Rock will also influence the outcome.

  • Will I have to go to court?
    In most instances, going to court may not be necessary, and filing a lawsuit might not even be required. Our experienced car accident attorneys at Strong Law can assess the value of your case and negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement. In the event that negotiations falter and a lawsuit needs to be filed, there is still a high likelihood that we can reach a settlement before the case proceeds to trial. Rest assured, we are fully prepared to litigate if the situation demands it.
  • What if a death occurs from the injury?
    In the unfortunate event of a fatal injury, it is possible to pursue legal action by filing a wrongful death suit. Wrongful death cases can be considered as personal injury cases, where family members or the personal representative of the deceased bring forth a claim on behalf of their loved one who is no longer able to do so.
  • How much does it cost to hire a Little Rock car accident Lawyer?

    At Strong Law, you don’t need to worry about upfront legal fees. Our car accident attorneys in Little Rock accept cases on a contingency basis. This means that we only collect legal fees if we successfully obtain a settlement on your behalf. Once your case is settled, our fee will be deducted from the settlement amount.We understand that after an accident, clients often have many questions. Rest assured, we are here to address any questions you may have as they arise.

Our Little Rock car accident lawyers will be there for you throughout the entire legal process, keeping you informed and addressing your concerns. Call Strong Law today at 206-741-1053.

What You Do After a Car Accident in Little Rock Can Impact Your Case


After a car accident, it is crucial for victims to take certain steps and be mindful of the following precautions:

  • Seek immediate medical attention: Even if you believe your injuries are minor, it is important to promptly seek medical care.
  • Notify your insurance company: When communicating with insurers, exercise caution to avoid accepting any responsibility for the accident.
  • Keep a record of your progress and setbacks: As you recover, document any advancements in your healing process, as well as any obstacles you encounter along the way.

These steps are crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it is imperative to provide medical documentation to substantiate your injuries. When communicating with an insurance adjuster, it is essential to refrain from accepting any responsibility as it can potentially hinder your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. Lastly, it is important to furnish your car accident lawyer with comprehensive details about your recovery and any setbacks you may have experienced, as this will bolster your legal claim.

What You Should Know About Little Rock Car Accident Injury Cases

Little Rock Roadways See Thousands of Crashes Each Year

Based on data from the Little Rock traffic reporting system, there were more than 4,000 collisions on Little Rock roadways during the last full reporting year. While certain incidents were minor, resulting only in property damage, numerous crashes led to injuries and tragically, twenty-seven lives were lost as a result of these accidents in Little Rock.

In the event of a car accident, nearby surveillance cameras can play a crucial role in determining its cause. However, footage from traffic cameras, storefront cameras, and ATM cameras is typically overwritten within a matter of days. By promptly reaching out to a car accident lawyer in Little Rock, you can guarantee the preservation of such vital evidence.

If you’re a victim of a car accident, it’s crucial to document any physical changes you experience during your recovery. This is important because within a couple of weeks after the accident, you may notice signs or symptoms that suggest a more serious injury than initially believed. In such cases, it’s crucial to follow up with your healthcare team.

Protecting Your Rights and Seeking Compensation

Car accidents can have devastating consequences, causing physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial hardships that car accident lawyers in Little Rock, AR are all too familiar with. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and options. Seeking the guidance of a lawyer can ensure the protection of your rights and help navigate the intricate legal process to pursue compensation for your damages. Reach out to Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys for the assistance you need.

A personal injury lawyer with specialized expertise should possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling cases related to car accidents. They possess a deep understanding of the nuances of Arkansas state laws and regulations pertaining to auto accidents. Engaging the services of a skilled lawyer can play a pivotal role in constructing a robust case and enhancing your prospects of obtaining just compensation.

Thoroughly investigating the accident is one of the key responsibilities of a lawyer. They meticulously collect evidence, including police reports, witness statements, photographs, and medical records, to ascertain liability and demonstrate the full extent of your damages. This crucial investigative process forms the bedrock of your case, establishing a solid foundation.

A Little Rock car accident lawyer also plays a crucial role in managing interactions with insurance companies. These companies are notorious for attempting to minimize their financial liabilities, often presenting insufficient settlement offers to victims of accidents. However, an experienced lawyer possesses the skills to effectively negotiate with insurance adjusters and vigorously advocate for your rights. They will ensure that you are not taken advantage of and strive to secure fair compensation on your behalf.

If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, an accident lawyer will not hesitate to escalate your case to court. With their expertise, they will effectively present your case and advocate for the compensation you rightfully deserve. From filing the required paperwork to gathering expert witnesses and delivering compelling arguments, your lawyer will expertly navigate the legal system, ensuring your best interests are fiercely protected.

When it comes to compensation, a lawyer will pursue damages for the different losses you have endured. These may encompass medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. They will evaluate the impact of the accident on your life and diligently strive to secure a settlement that accurately reflects your damages.

In car accident cases, time is crucial. Arkansas state imposes a statute of limitations, placing a restriction on the timeframe for filing a lawsuit. Seeking the guidance of a lawyer promptly after the accident is vital to meet critical deadlines and preserve evidence. By doing so, you can ensure that your legal rights are protected and the necessary steps are taken to build a strong case.

When choosing a lawyer, it is vital to select someone who has a demonstrated history of success in handling similar cases. Seek out a lawyer who is dedicated, compassionate, and deeply committed to advocating for their clients. A lawyer who comprehends your needs and passionately fights on your behalf can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of an accident lawyer. They will not only protect your rights, but also handle the legal complexities and tirelessly work to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. You don’t have to face the aftermath of a car accident alone. Reach out to the trusted car accident lawyers at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys in Little Rock, who will guide you through this challenging time with compassion and expertise.

Client Testimonial

”I was in a hit and run accident on March 11, 2022. Strong Law Firmt took my case. I had excellent service from them. My attorney Ben was great, but the super Star was Cristina. She truly took the bull by the horns and got everything done for me in a timely and expeditious manner. She was a true peach and I am so glad to have worked with her. Thanks Cristina!!!” – Laurie Rogers (Google Review)

Car Accident Lawyer Qualities

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, it is advisable to consult with a car accident lawyer in Little Rock, AR. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses. The team at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys can provide valuable assistance in pursuing fair compensation.

Expertise in Car Accident Laws:

Car accident lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in the field of personal injury law, specifically focusing on cases related to car accidents. They possess extensive knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to traffic regulations, liability, insurance claims, and negligence. With their expertise, they provide invaluable assistance to individuals seeking legal recourse in the aftermath of a car accident.

Legal Guidance and Consultation:

A car accident lawyer provides invaluable legal guidance and consultation to victims involved in accidents, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their rights and available legal options. They meticulously assess the case, gather compelling evidence, and determine the party responsible for the accident. These lawyers offer valuable insights into the potential compensation victims may be entitled to, which can cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, as well as pain and suffering.

Effective Negotiation:

A car accident lawyer in Little Rock possesses the expertise to negotiate skillfully and advocate for their clients during settlement discussions with insurance companies. Their goal is to secure fair and equitable compensation by presenting compelling evidence, meticulously evaluating medical records, and engaging in effective negotiations with insurance adjusters.

Thorough Investigation:

Attorneys meticulously investigate accidents, gathering pertinent evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, photographs, and medical records. They collaborate with accident reconstruction experts to scrutinize the scene, establish liability, and construct a compelling case on behalf of their clients.

Handling Insurance Claims:

Car accident lawyers skillfully handle the intricate process of filing insurance claims on behalf of their clients. They meticulously submit all essential documentation, such as medical bills, repair estimates, and other pertinent evidence. These legal professionals engage in effective communication with insurance adjusters, adeptly negotiating for a just settlement and diligently safeguarding clients from potential exploitation by insurance companies.

Court Representation:

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, car accident lawyers offer robust legal representation in court. They meticulously prepare and present compelling arguments, skillfully cross-examine witnesses, and passionately advocate for the rights of their clients before judges and juries. Leveraging their profound legal expertise, these lawyers strive to present a persuasive case with the ultimate goal of securing the maximum compensation for their clients.

Proving Liability and Negligence:

Car accident lawyers thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to establish liability and negligence. They meticulously examine various factors including distracted driving, speeding, intoxicated driving, defective auto parts, and road conditions in order to determine the responsible party. These legal professionals gather compelling evidence to support their claims, utilizing expert testimony, accident reconstruction, and other pertinent information.

Statute of Limitations Compliance:

Car accident lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring their clients meet the statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims. They possess extensive knowledge about the specific time constraints within which a lawsuit must be initiated. By doing so, they prevent clients from forfeiting their right to seek compensation due to missed deadlines.

Emotional Support and Peace of Mind:

Car accident lawyers offer invaluable emotional support and peace of mind during the challenging aftermath of an accident. They skillfully navigate the legal intricacies of the case, freeing clients to prioritize their healing and well-being. Serving as steadfast allies, these lawyers provide reassurance and expert guidance throughout the entire legal process, ensuring clients feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

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Attorney Jed Strong

Attorney Jed StrongJed Strong is the founder of Strong Law. He knows that accident injuries can be devastating to individuals and families, so he does everything in his power to ensure his clients recover every bit of compensation they deserve. Prior to representing accident victims, Jed worked for GEICO insurance company as one of its in-house attorneys – representing the insurance companies. After learning the inner workings of insurance companies, he quit and began representing accident victims. [ Attorney Bio ]

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    “While working a wrongful death case of my husband’s, throughout the legal process, Jed pursued every possible resource and angle to ensure that we would receive policy limits despite intense resistance from the representatives of the insurance companies. We are deeply grateful to him for the funds we received and the lasting friendship that grew out of the entire ordeal.

    – Cheryl.

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    After experiencing a severe car accident, it's common to feel traumatized and uncertain about the next steps. At Strong Law, we are here to provide the trust and support you need. Our dedicated team will build a compelling case on your behalf, relentlessly fighting for justice and a settlement that eases your financial burdens and lightens the weight on your shoulders. With our skilled car accident lawyers based in Little Rock, you can have peace of mind knowing that your best interests are being fiercely protected. We proudly serve clients in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

    It is crucial not to delay, as there are specific time limits for filing a case in court. In Arkansas, the statute of limitations is generally three years from the date of your accident, injury, or wrongful death. Failing to file within this timeframe may permanently bar you from recovering any compensation for your injuries. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to engage our lawyers promptly to commence work on your case while the evidence is fresh and witnesses can be located. This ensures the best possible outcome for your situation.

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